While staying at Okeanides Villas, you can easily explore the nearby area. Crete boasts of old towns and villages, plenty of picturesque beaches and high mountains, an eclectic mix of old monuments and vibrant cities!

Start by visiting the biggest cities like Heraklion and Rethymno that are less than an hour away and enjoy a one-day trip of shopping, museums and culture, combined of course with an exquisite gastronomical experience in one of the many restaurants! Why not end the day with an evening cocktail? Both cities offer a variety of thing to do. 


Visiting the villages of the Rethymno prefecture, you will get a glimpse at the simplicity and the beauty of traditional Cretan life. Margarites, a half an hour from Bali, is one of the prettiest! This picturesque village has been famous for its pottery since the ancient times. At the workshops, craftspeople make both beautiful tableware, as well as wonderfully inventive ancient designs – a piece of history you can take home! Witness traditional pottery in the making and even try it! Spili is a really picturesque mountain village located south of Rethymnon and is easily reachable. The best thing to see there is the central square embellished with lion-head fountains, always with running water. And enjoy the coolness in the summer heat that it offers!
Nearby the villas, you will find the villages of Sisses, Aloides, Fodele (the home village and birthplace of the famous painter, El Greco) to explore and meet with the locals.

Just a little bit higher in the mountains, you can find the famous village of Anogeia, where the famous singer Nikos Xylouris was born.

Culture and history

Apart from the archaeological sites and museums in Rethymno and Heraklion, the ancient Eleftherna is an extremely important archaeological site. With a history over 4,000 years, you will witness remains and ruins from different periods, including Minoan, Geometric, Archaic, Hellenistic, and Roman. Pay also a visit to the small but incredibly modern museum of Eleftherna and watch history unfold!
You can visit one of the many historical monasteries in the area, such as the Attali Monastery of Bali and the Vosakos Monastery in the Tallaia mountains. All of them are beautiful, historical landmarks and peaceful places! 30 kilometres away, you will find the monastery of Arkadi, an important place for the history of the island, with a magnificent baroque church and a small museum.

For nature lovers

It is worth taking a small trip to one of the caves of the area: in less than 30 minutes away, visit the historical cave of Melidoni, one of the most famous in Crete with great historical and archaeological importance. A natural marvel since it has huge stalactite and stalagmite formations, 20 meters high! Near the village of Zoniana, up in the mountains, the Sfendoni cave is thought to be among the most spectacular, with stalactites, stalagmites. Drive up the mountains and gaze on the way the breathtaking Cretan nature!

Hiking in the picturesque paths around the villas will give a nice idea of local fauna and flora and a breath of fresh air. Know that there are more than 50 hiking trails scattered around the region of Rethymno. Trails that take you up and through the mountains (Psiloritis and Mount Ida) with amazing vistas, waterfalls and streams on the way. Other trails are by the coast, walk on them and find hidden gems, beaches and never-ending vistas of the horizon! Check also the trails that go through gorges - most of them end up at a beautiful beach (Preveli beach!). You just enjoy the best nature has to offer.


Very close to the complex, you will find a wonderful and quiet beach, where Okeanides Villas provide umbrellas and sun loungers so that you can enjoy the warm sun and the calm sea of Crete. The name of the beach is Kalo Chorafi. In addition to the Bali beaches and Kalo Chorafi, you can go to Glaros beach, Alminda, and Pera Gallini. Towards Rethymno, you can go to one of the beaches of Panormo, another natural harbor with also calm waters as Bali. The main one called Limanaki is both calm and shallow – a very child-friendly beach. All the south coast of Rethymno is worth a visit, but do not forget a day trip to the Preveli beach. Located on the southern coast of Rethymnon, this sandy beach features incredible palm trees and a river that flows into the sea!

Preveli Monastery is not far from the beach, and is also one of the historical important monasteries that helped Crete with its independence.

Whether you choose relaxing on a long sandy beach or exploring the beautiful island of Crete, there’s nothing better than coming back to our villas and swim in your private pool while drinking a glass of wine and gazing at the amazing view of the Cretan Sea!